original length: 16 min.
35mm Cinemascope
without dialogues
Director, DoP, Editor: Andrzej Król
Germany/Poland – 2008
A father living on his own remembers an event which took place on the night of his 5- year-old son‘s birthday, exactly one year ago. This fateful night is shown in flashes of memory in which the father being in a drunken state, tries to prevent what is already happening.
Nominated for Promotional Editing Award – FILM+09
1st Prize Winner – Konstanzer – 2009
1st Prize Winner EAMER Region – Kodak Filmschool Competition 2009
Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis 2009 – Nominated for best Shortfilm
First Steps Award 2009 – Nominated for best Shortfilm
Jury Award for Best Shorthilm “19. filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern“
Special Mention – KlangMusikPreis Jury “21st Filmfest Dresden, Germany“
Nominated for Golden Tadpole – XVI Plus Camerimage, Poland
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